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Hockey Hockey Drill: Welcome to Sportplan Hockey

Sportplan have combined with many experts in the Field Hockey Coaching community, to produce a single resource of drills, articles and discussion for Field Hockey Coaching.

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1. Team Relay
This practice is very good for teaching a team about transferring defence to attack quickly. With this type of drill it is important to stick with the practice until every player understands what they are doing. Once understood the practice can be used during any subsequent sessions. (suggestion: give the practice a name to help players remember it the next time) The practice can be used for any level, but it is best for players to be from the same team.

Four teams of 3 or 4 players. Put one goal 15m over the half way line so the half way line is the top of the circle.
Two teams together (partners), one playing and one on the 23m line.
Team 1 starts with the ball and tries to score against team 2. When team 2 gain possession either after a goal or tackle, they have to pass the ball to team 3, who now can try and score in the other goal. Team 1 has to run back and defend. When team1win the ball they have to pass the ball to team 4, who attack against team 3 etc.
After a team has passed the ball to their partner team, they take their place at the 23m line and wait.
Coaching Points
Each team is only allowed to defend in their own half.
Put lots of balls in either goal. This will enable the teams to keep the speed in the practice and put the pressure on the team trying to retrieve / stop the break.

2. Defence Awareness

This pratice is good for the junior players who are learning the game.
Attackers (Red Players) have to try and dribble around one of the red cones in the middle and go back through their gate before being tackled by one of the defenders.

The defenders are allowed to move anywhere to try and tackle the attackers.

Coaching Points
- Attackers - Use vision to see when defenders have moved away from their nearest cone.
- Defenders - Be aware of where the attackers are in relation to distance from the red middle cones.

3. Shooting & Goalscoring
Good practice to coach players the final pass and then to score a goal. The final pass can come in from any where, relevant to where you would like your team to create the opportunities from.

Player 1 passes the ball into the circle to player 2 or 3, avoiding the defending player. The defending player must stay on the edge of the circle and can only try and intercept the pass.
The receiving players in the circle try and score a goal past the keeper.

Coaching Points
- The player from the 23 metre line follows the pass and takes the position of the player that has had the final shot and takes his/her place.
- Progression - allow the defender to go into the circle to try and stop the attackers scoring.

Reverse stick hit
- Grip the stick with both hands at the top of the stick with the flat side of the stick pointing upwards (this can be achieved by putting the stick on the ground , flat side up for the players then to pickup the stick.
- Step to the ball with the right foot
- Both feet and ball on one line
- Hit the ball with the side of the stick important to keep stick low to the ground in approach and follow through.
Try to discourage the use of this skill in the presence of inexperience players in game situations because of the danger to defenders trying to win the ball

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