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The Coaching Hockey website provides an online resource for Field Hockey Teachers and Field Hockey Coaches who are looking to improve their Field Hockey teaching. With over 500 Hockey Coaching Drill Animations, Field Hockey Skill Videos and Hockey Coaching Techniques to search and design lesson plans and session plans from, you will never be short of ideas again.

Advanced Field Hockey Drills

The Field Hockey Drill Library is packed with drills for all levels of players, Field Hockey drills for U10, U12, U12 boy and girls, but also Advanced Field Hockey Drills, for senior players. To push and really test your teams. The Sportplan Field Hockey Library really does have Field Hockey drills for every level of player.

Field Hockey Lesson Plans and Session Plans

Coaching Hockey provides weekly lesson plans for Field Hockey emailed to your inbox, for members to instantly download or access online, using slideshow to enlarge onto an interactive whiteboard. Users can also use the UKCC compliant online lesson planner to create lesson plans, instantly search through thousands of skill and technique videos to create the perfect lesson plan.

Better Field Hockey Coaching through Expert Field Hockey Drills

Better Coaching Field Hockey is delivered through patience and skill and tactics all available once you register online, become a Better Field Hockey Coach Today!

Schools can provide GCSE, JASE and A-Level students with access to the Field Hockey teaching resources, allowing them to search for Field Hockey coaching ideas, create lesson plans, save online and print their plans.
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Advanced Hockey Coaching Tools

Coaching Hockey provides tools for Field Hockey club coaches to work together through the My Team tools. Create session plans and share them instantly with fellow coaches over the Internet. Search Coaching Hockey to find hundreds of Field Hockey animations drills and video techniques.

Field Hockey Coaching Search Tool allows you to quickly search the whole Coaching Hockey drills library plus find sessions plans and expert Field Hockey videos from across the internet.

Can't find the drill you want? Then sketch it using the online Coaching Hockey Chalkboard, create your own drills with our easy to use Field Hockey diagram and tactic designer. Plus you can now animate drills and animate tactics using the Sportplan animator.

Advanced tools allow Field Hockey session plans to be printed to PDF and saved or shared via email.

Expert Field Hockey Coaching Answers and Session Plans

The Coaching Hockey Answers section is the forum to ask your coaching questions. Having them answered by our community of Field Hockey coaches and experts from around the world.

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Use our expert plans or build your own using our library of over 1000 drills, and easy-to-use tools.

Drills Being Viewed Now
: Twin Tag - Practices For Juniors
Practices For Juniors
: 1 Touch Scores - Conditioned Games
Conditioned Games
: Run Around - Passing Receiving
Passing Receiving
: 1-1-3-3-3 formation - Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities
: Follow the leader - Warm up Games
Warm up Games
Hockey Drills Library

Sportplan Hockey gives you access to the latest coaching ideas, practices and tactics. You will never be short of ideas again. Unlock the Hockey library of over drills and start to transform your coaching sessions.

Tried & Tested Sessions Plans

Receive weekly expert sessions. These comprehensive plans, are packed with new drills, easy to follow coaching notes and tips and discussion points, to give you really confidence out on the field.

Recent Sessions of the Week
Hockey Training Plan
Key to player development and attacking hockey
Hockey Training Plan
Outletting the ball to progress up the pitch and taking responsibility in defence
Hockey Training Plan
Two ways you can quickly improve your team's attacking play
Chalk Board

Easily sketch your own Hockey drills and plays in minutes. Simple drag and drop icons allow you to build and edit diagrams. Add notes and store them online to be accessed at any time.

Session Planner

Sportplan's powerful session planner makes planning training easy and fun! Simply click and type, insert sketches or search the search the drill library to insert diagrams. Create professional looking plans in minutes!

As someone who is new to coaching this site was just what I needed, drills that I can study on the pc and then take with confidence to my training sessions.
Phil Harvey, United Kingdom

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Hockey Pitch Templates

Full Pitch Template

Team Sheet Template

Two Pitches Template
Sportplan Animator
Now with Sportplan Animator you can bring your plays and drills to life, allowing you to engage with your team like never before!
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